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Kenneth Lam

"Enrico is one of the most talented individuals I know. His rare combination of technical acumen, problem solving skills and ability to manage clients and teams often make him the go-to person on difficult projects. Along with the savvy business sense, his technical skills are unmatched. I can’t think of a technically difficult situation he can’t handle. He would be an asset to any organization."

Jorge Arroyo

"Enrico is a details oriented technical leader able to work at all levels of the organization. He was my go to guy for the most difficult, complex problems that we faced. He can break down complex problems and work through the strategy and implementation of these challenges. Thoughtful leader able to work at all levels of the organization. He also presented well thought out, innovative ideas. He has very deep technical skills and experience with excellent work ethic and very dependable. Excellent leadership skills and communication skills. I highly recommend Enrico."