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We help B2B online businesses increase profit, improve service and efficiency by simplifying, automating and integrating their internal software landscape

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Naonis - We help B2B online businesses increase profit, improve service and efficiency by simplifying, automating and integrating their internal software landscape
70% of respondents say their organizations are at least piloting automation technologies
Are you on the 30%? Don't risk falling behind!
50% of current work activities are technically automatable by adapting currently demonstrated technologies
Let's automate!
60% current occupations have more than 30% of activities that are technically automatable

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Disjointed systems, data inconsistency and duplication?

We can help you with seamless integration options

Looking to change SaaS vendor?

Let's have a chat about your data migration and transformation needs

A key technical employee left?

Let's chat about how we can help you fill that gap

Need technical guidance?

Reach out to us for Solutions Architect and CTO as a service

Streamline your business

Look into our no-code business automation services

Some of the Services we offer our Customers

Systems and Software Integrations

Elevate business efficiency with seamless software integration and automation solutions. Connect software systems effectively for optimised employee usability, reduced data duplication and discrepancies, and overall improved customer experience.

Business Automation

Have you ever wondered if there is a smarter way to manage your business? We are here with the solution. Through cutting-edge tools like and, we help you automate those daily tasks that drain your time. The outcome? Reduced costs, quicker and improved services, increased employee capabilities, and happier, more valuable customers.

Data Migration and Data Transformation

Transitioning between software vendors? Consolidating multiple systems into a single one to reduce costs? Discover our services to migrate and transform data between systems. Navigating diverse data structures, distinct mechanisms, and unique requirements, we are here to help you simplify the complex process.

Deep SugarCRM Expertise for any of your Sugar needs

Naonis, true SugarCRM Experts: 15+ years of SugarCRM mastery for seamless integration and automation. Enrico, a certified Sugar expert, spearheaded global partnerships and exam contributions. Elevate your business with us today.

Are we the right fit?

Are you a growing online B2B business that uses multiple SaaS software to run your operations?

Do you want to streamline your workflows, automate your processes, and integrate your data across different platforms?

Do you have an IT department that is overwhelmed and has no time to improve your systems integrations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we might be a match!

Who I am and what I do

I am an integration and automation expert based in Australia, leveraging iPaaS platforms such as, that can help you design, build, and support high-quality integrations for your business needs.

I work mostly with clients in Australia and United States (mainly USA West Coast for timezone reasons), in industries such as software and technology, professional and business services, and manufacturing with company size normally above 250 employees.

I specialise in helping sales, marketing, IT, product, and customer success teams to optimise their operation and achieve their goals faster.

How I work with you

Consider me as an extension of your team, in time and material iterative pre-paid engagements that provide immediate value to your business.

This means that you only pay for the actual work done, and you get more flexibility, transparency, and accountability.

And you can terminate the agreement with the agreed notice.

If you believe I can help you, I would love to hear from you.

Contact Enrico today and let's discuss how best I can help you take your business to the next level.

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Our Reviews

Customer success is front and center

Michael de Haas - MGM Grand Macau

Enrico has been a great resource to our SUGARCRM journey. Over the last 4+ years that we have been using the platform we...

Excellent solutions, credible and authentic

Monique Dorigo - Humanforce

Working with Enrico was delightful, despite the significant challenges on a complex integration. He was always calm, provided excellent solutions and was credible and authentic from...

Rare combination of technical acumen, problem solving and ability to manage clients

Kenneth Lam

Enrico is one of the most talented individuals I know. His rare combination of technical acumen, problem solving skills and ability to manage clients and teams often make...

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