Our latest automation insights

  • Automate PII removal from data

    We explore a crucial topic for businesses: identifying and removing Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from data. This topic and approach is especially useful today when working with Generative AI API: ChatGPT and we do not want to send to OpenAI our sensitive data.

  • Fully Tray.io certified

    Naonis has achieved the highest certification status currently available with Tray.io’s academy!

  • An introduction to Tray.io

    Have you heard about Tray.io? Curious to learn more? We have just the content for you!

  • The future of Enterprise Automation: Workato Automate Sydney

    Workato’s Automate in Sydney, our impressions, learnings, highlights and takeaways.

  • Discover the hidden automation potential of your business with our Business Automation Calculator!

    Ready to revolutionise your business operations and maximise your savings? Discover the power of automation and integration with our FREE ROI Calculator!

  • Tray.io partnership!

    It is now official! Naonis is a Tray.io partner!