About Naonis

B2B Business Integration and Automation Specialists

Enrico Simonetti, Solopreneur  

I was born in Pordenone, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy.

It has always been pretty clear to me that I am technical minded, so I started immediately on that path by following Electronics and Telecommunications studies during high school in Udine. I then graduated in Computer Engineering in Bologna.

Enrico Simonetti

Shortly after the graduation, I wanted to realize a childhood dream by visiting Australia. During a working-holiday period that was supposed to last just six months, I decided and had the fortune to migrate permanently to Sydney, where I have been living since 2006.

I have been the CTO and owner of InsightfulCRM Australia for few years, a consulting practice reselling and implementing Customer Relationship Management solutions with SugarCRM. After incredible growth and successes throughout our Australian customer base, in 2014 my business got acquired by a global digital transformation company with headquarter in Sydney, Squiz.

Shortly after, I joined the California based CRM vendor SugarCRM, where I spent a number of years as a Solutions Architect on the Professional Services team, driving the success on many world-wide projects of the company’s biggest customers. I then joined the Technical Advisory Team helping our customers world-wide with overall best practices from product specific technical details to project implementation recommendations, to development and deployments guidance, solutions design, performance optimisations and you name it.

In 2020 I had the opportunity to lead and build a new division at SugarCRM, focused on creating turn-key integrations between the CRM and many other softwares, where we delivered 14 integration products with as many different systems such as marketing automation, configure price quote, sales execution platforms, scheduling systems, e-commerce solutions, ticketing system, ERP etc.

I am the founder and solopreneur at Naonis (pronounced /nä·ō·nĭs/ or similarly to “now - niece”). What does “Naonis” mean? The city I was born and raised in, Pordenone, was once known by its Latin name “Portus Naonis” - a port town on the Naonis river. The Naonis river flowing through the town, has been the focal point of our community for centuries, connecting people and businesses seamlessly and efficiently. That’s why I chose the name Naonis for the company.

Our mission is to connect different systems and data flows, just like the Naonis river connected the people and fields it served. We aim to make business operations run smoothly, improve efficiency, and provide a seamless customer experience.

Outside of work, I love to spend time with my family, walking in nature and playing (or at least owning!) musical instruments. I also like to build home automation with IoT embedded systems, playing table tennis and going to the local Toastmasters club.

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