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Before engaging Naonis, syncing data from our external partners’ CRM into our own system was a cumbersome, error-prone, manual process that consumed significant time and resources.

Enrico and his team at Naonis rapidly implemented an automated solution using the Tray.io platform that seamlessly integrates our collaborator’s data into our internal systems.

The impact has been significant - we now have increased confidence...

Head of Technology - Venture Capital (California, USA)

Working with Enrico was delightful, despite the significant challenges on a complex integration.

He was always calm, provided excellent solutions and was credible and authentic from the get go.

Highly recommend working with Enrico especially if it’s complex and challenging.

Monique Dorigo, Chief Marketing Officer - Humanforce

Enrico is one of the smartest people I’ve met.

His knowledge of how to apply open source technologies to real world business problems is outstanding.

He is thoroughly professional and delivers on his commitments.

Enrico is a man of integrity and provides genuine insights and value to every project in...

Tony J. Hughes, CEO and co-fouder - RSVPselling and Sales IQ Global

Enrico is one of the most talented individuals I know.

His rare combination of technical acumen, problem solving skills and ability to manage clients and teams often make him the go-to person on difficult projects.

Along with the savvy business sense, his technical skills are unmatched.

I can’t think of...

Kenneth Lam, Vice President

Enrico has been a great resource to our SUGARCRM journey.

Over the last 4+ years that we have been using the platform we have engaged with Enrico as part of the team.

His extreme working knowledge of the Sugar solution and the ease that he can manage through such a...

Michael de Haas, Executive Director - MGM Grand Macau

We have worked with Enrico for 8 years in the building and implementation of Sugar CRM.

The system has delivered us many benefits and Enrico was instrumental in ensuring many successful outcomes.

He was also open to learning about the importance of building sustainable business relationshjps with customers

Johnny Weiss, Founder & MD - Trans-Tasman Business Circle, Singapore Business Circle

Enrico is my “go to man” when I have an “unsolvable” problem.

He’s found a simple solution for every complex CRM problem I’ve thrown at him. Not only that, but he makes time to explain it, which in terms of sustainable problem solving is fantastic.

He has a rare mix...

Julia Rosenthal - GCC: Global Corporate Challenge

Enrico is openly passionate, very intelligent and a highly experienced technical architect.

He is detail oriented and customer focused – essential ingredients in the complex environment that is Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

From the very large to the very small, Enrico has successfully designed and executed elegant SugarCRM solutions for...

Veronica Mikhail, Vice President

Enrico is a details oriented technical leader able to work at all levels of the organization.

He was my go to guy for the most difficult, complex problems that we faced.

He can break down complex problems and work through the strategy and implementation of these challenges.

Thoughtful leader able...

Jorge Arroyo, Senior Vice President

Brought onto our project as industry expert in the development of Sugar CRM Enrico delivered outstanding results.

I was impressed by the depth of his knowledge of the Sugar CRM platform as well has how to leverage the system to deliver tangible improvement in workflow productivity.

Enrico exceeded all of...

Matthew Rahmann, Chief IT Architect - National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

Enrico was easily able to take over the hosting and configuration of our CRM application, and along the way simplified the design while adding better redundancy.

Enrico is very thorough and his detailed knowledge of SugarCRM, AWS and scripting allowed for a very successful implementation.

I hope I have the...

Grant Ricker, Technology Director

Enrico is one of the key people who contribute to the success of InsightfulCRM, SugarCRM’s oldest Australian partner.

I worked with Enrico on closing several big deals and found him to be both technically very savvy and having a great business sense.

Enrico also has a cheerful personality that brightens...

Jan Sysmans, CMO

I worked with Enrico on complex third-party integration development projects while we both were at SugarCRM.

While Enrico has some of the deepest understanding of the SugarCRM platform in the world, he also uniquely possesses the ability to understand and orient to business goals and constraints.

This combination is rare...

Christian Wettre, Senior Vice President and GM

Enrico is an extremely sharp technical leader who has built and managed an exceptional team of engineers that have made InsightfulCRM one of the strongest Value Added Resellers for SugarCRM in the Asia Pacific region.

With countless successful CRM implementations under his belt, Enrico has an innate ability to understand...

Ryan Lowe, Regional Sales Director

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Enrico in a variety of different ways for a number of years. First as a business partner then later as a close colleague.

Enrico is a top technical talent with expertise in building and deploying complex app integrations, extensions, and code customizations for...

Matt Marum, Sr Director

Several years ago I sat through a seminar with Enrico on the implementation of complex CRM systems for enterprise customers.

Right away I was hugely impressed with Enrico’s breadth of knowledge and his practical experience implementing complex, difficult projects.

We have stayed in touch ever since and continue to share...

Bill Harrison, CEO

I had the benefit of working with Enrico in several scenarios (as a VAR partner for, and within Sugar itself), and I unequivocally can recommend him to any org that wants a technical leader with the ability to operate strategically and still maintain attention to detail for a final product...

Joseph Arruda, Director

I have known and worked with Enrico from when he was a software developer at Insightful Solutions back in 2007. It was definitely great to work alongside a great mind like Enrico. I also had the privilege to work for him when I returned to InsightfulCRM.

Enrico is very passionate...

Felix Nilam

Enrico is a rockstar.

Not only is he one of the top SugarCRM experts in the world, but he is also a passionate businessman and skilled CRM strategist.

I have worked with Enrico for over six years and learn something new from him every time we meet.

Clint Oram, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder - SugarCRM Inc.