Discover the hidden automation potential of your business with our Business Automation Calculator!

Discover the hidden automation potential of your business with our Business Automation Calculator!

Is your business bogged down by repetitive tasks and costly inefficiencies? Imagine having a clear idea of the minimum cost savings before embarking on the journey of automation.

Explore our FREE Automation ROI Calculator

Unlock the potential of automation and integration with our calculator. Discover the minimum savings achievable by automating processes and tightening system integration.

Our calculator can help you identify money-saving opportunities, prioritise improvements, and guide your ROI-driven strategy.

Imagine if you could improve a routine mid-volume process. For example, if you could speed up by 25% tasks like lead routing, accelerating the sales team’s invoice creation, or streamlining support ticket handling. How much money could that save you? And on top of that, it would improve your customer experience by helping you provide a better service!

How to use our ROI calculator

Simply input the number of employees, process frequency and duration, along with hourly rates. Witness the minimum potential savings from process optimization.

Bonus: free automation workshop!

Not only will you gain insights from the calculator, but you will also receive a complimentary workshop to help you uncover your pain points, translate those to potential gains, and prioritise the automation efforts. Automate your business processes and save time and money with our free calculator and consultation.

What can the FREE Automation Calculator be used for?

  1. Understand if an automation or integration is worthwhile or if it could be kept as a manual process
  2. Identify Savings and ROI (Return on Investment) for each of your automation and integration activities
  3. Help prioritise automation and integrations based on ROI and immediate savings

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Beyond initial monetary savings

While the calculator provides a monetary outlook, remember the ripple effects: reduced errors, enhanced data consistency, improved employee experience, and more. These translate to reduced costs, increased revenue, and overall satisfaction from customers and also employees.

There are many more aspects that should be taken into account, which will generate even more saving or increase profit!

To mention a few:

  • Reduced mistakes
  • Reduced data duplication and confusion
  • Improved data consistency
  • Improved employee experience
  • Improved reporting
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved TCV (Total Customer Value)

Ready to witness the transformation? Calculate your savings potential now: FREE ROI Calculator

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