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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of work do you do?

We help teams that are either struggling to keep up delivering integrations and automation due to team capacity, or that would like to improve their business through automation but do not have the specific skillset needed.

We are passionate about interconnecting systems together and helping organizations reduce process frictions, which in turn translates to either saving money or generating more business.

Who are your primary clients?

Our focus is on the B2B space where have been involved for more than 15 years.

We help organizations with over 100 employees, based in the United States and Australia, that have too many SaaS applications currently not fully integrated.

Our focus industries are software and professional services businesses. We help our customers with integrations and automation challenges, revolving around their CRM (Customer Relationships Management) and their other SaaS ecosystem.

Will I have a consistent point of contact?

Absolutely! You will be dealing with me, Enrico.

This is a huge advantage of collaborating with a small and nimble business!

How do you work?

I collaborate with and augment your team, using my specialized skills.

I work with prepaid iterative time and material engagements with a daily rate.

We start from a POC (Proof of Concept) of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that we define together. We do that to quickly confirm our assumptions and then iterate from there until the initial business goals are met.

Then we move on to the next workstream according to the priority we define and adjust together. We work with you to constantly re-prioritise all the work streams so that we are always aligned with the ever changing priorities of your unique business.

Why do you use a time and material iterative approach?

Businesses today move at a fast pace, and the software integration and automation field is of high complexity and high uncertainty.

A time and material ongoing relationship gives us the flexibility to try things out, eventually fail and quickly pivot, to make sure you get business value from our relationship.

An agile approach helps you with risk mitigation as well. Continuous updates offer transparency, enabling quick pivots and re-prioritisation based on your evolving business conditions. It also allows you to terminate the engagement when it is appropriate for your specific business.

Finally it might seem counter-intuitive but it helps with cost reduction. If we had to complete an expensive upfront detailed scoping and design with a timeline analysis, we would need to factor that into the price. We would also need to factor in the high uncertainty in our estimation.

With an iterative time and material approach we can focus on the higher value items and always re-define which items are of the highest value. Finally, we can get started right now to deliver value, without a lengthy scoping exercise, therefore providing a quicker turn-around time.

Can you share your daily rate?

Of course!

We charge all our customers in Australian Dollars (AUD) even if they are based in the United States.

Our daily rates start at AUD 1,760 + GST.

And GST is not applicable to customers outside Australia.

Check out the USD equivalent using

I have a SaaS software that you might not know, is that a problem?

Absolutely not a problem!

At the end of the day, if you are tech-savvy, with plenty of experience and quick on your feet, the difference between systems is negligible.

Most systems normally have a way to authenticate, to get data out of them and to push data to them via APIs.

If we are not familiar with the system, we assume you have someone within your organization with expertise in the specific software. They can collaborate with us to address any questions we might have. We see our engagements as a tight and ongoing collaboration.

What platform or solution do you choose?

Our preferred integration platform (iPaaS) is We are intimately familiar with it, and have a partnership in place.

If our preferred choice does not suit you, or you are not aligned with their target market, or you already have another product, we are extremely flexible.

iPaaS platforms are similar and we can help you with your specific needs and with your platform.

iPaaS platforms enable the interconnection of systems together, help you authenticate with systems and push and pull data from them.

The rest is creativity and problem solving abilities, and we definitely do not lack either of those!

We would like to engage, what is the process?

Great to hear!

First of all reach out through one of our channels (contact us form, Calendly, phone or even LinkedIn). We will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a chat.

We will then have a call about what you would like to achieve, your challenges, what you attempted and anything else you might want to talk about.

Then we agree on commercials, including initial engagement length and how many days per month you need and then send you our agreement.

Once signed and upon receiving the initial prepayment, we initiate a brief kickoff call to start delivering value for you!

🤝 The only help you need, with integrations and automations

My expertise is at your service

❌ Why hire a full-time employee, take months to upskill them, make sure you keep them busy, for a hefty full time salary

âś… When you can have great and targeted expertise right NOW, as you need it, at a reasonable daily rate?

Hello, I am Enrico, and I am here to help you!

Enrico Simonetti

I would love to hear from you!

Contact Enrico today and let's discuss how best I can help you take your business to the next level.

Share with us your SaaS automation challenges and we will share your options.

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Before engaging Naonis, syncing data from our external partners’ CRM into our own system was a cumbersome, error-prone, manual process that consumed significant time and resources.

Enrico and his team at Naonis rapidly implemented an automated solution using the platform that seamlessly integrates our collaborator’s data into our internal systems.

The impact has been significant - we now have increased confidence in our data accuracy and timeliness, enabling better long-term decision making and agility for our team.

Naonis operates as a true partner, proactively bringing ideas to achieve our goals.

I highly recommend Naonis to any technology leader looking to streamline operations through automation.

They deliver measurable business value and are a trusted partner for integration, automation and more.

Head of Technology — Venture Capital

California, USA

Working with Enrico was delightful, despite the significant challenges on a complex integration.

He was always calm, provided excellent solutions and was credible and authentic from the get go.

Highly recommend working with Enrico especially if it’s complex and challenging.

Monique Dorigo, Chief Marketing Officer — Humanforce

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