Fractional Solutions Architect or CTO as-a-service

Expert guidance and leadership for your IT technical needs

Discover our fractional Solutions Architect or CTO as a Service - the solution to unexpected gaps in your technical leadership team. From business automation, software integrations, architecture, consulting and discovery, design, project management, scalability, SaaS software purchase and implementation and even software delivery, let’s discuss your unique needs and see how we can help you.

Let’s discuss your unique needs and see how we can help you.

When a vital technical figure unexpectedly departs, or is temporarily away from your team, the void can be overwhelming. You may have a spike of work and need more hands on deck, or you need help evaluating a specific solution to help your business and do not want to slow down your current commitments.

That is where we step in - offering a dynamic Solutions Architect or CTO as-a-Service solution to help you fill the gap.

Bridging the IT technical solutions gaps

Did a key technical individual leave your team abruptly? Whether it is an unexpected departure or a planned absence, we are here to provide the expertise you need. Our as-a-Service offering encompasses a spectrum of technical roles with our breadth of expertise, from solutioning and architecture to tackling scalability challenges, solving complex problems, integrating systems, maintaining IT infrastructure, helping you with product selection, and motivating teams to excel.

Tailored solutions that fit your needs and budgets

Every business is unique, and we understand that your requirements may vary. We are prepared to discuss multiple options, working closely to identify the most suitable approach for your current needs. Do you need a day a week to help the team move forward, or a more hands-on approach with multiple days per week? Let us know your needs, and we can see how we can best help you address them!

IT team overwhelmed

We are here to help you when your technical IT team is too busy and you need further expertise to focus on a specific and immediate challenge.

Technical expertise to leverage during the SaaS software purchase process

We have been and have experience on both ends of the sales and purchase process of software. We can help you provide technical IT expertise to act in your best interests. Examples could include helping you validate a POC (proof of concept), or keeping a SaaS software vendor “honest” during their sales cycle by verifying their statements during your due-diligence.

We are here to provide our expertise, by being a valuable resource within your team.

Start the conversation

Reach out today for an initial conversation about how our fractional Solutions Architect or CTO as-a-Service can help you address your technical and business needs, and to understand if we are a match for each other’s skillsets.

Looking for something else?

Faster integrations turnaround?

We offer expert development, implementation and consulting services.

If you are using and you need a strategic and trusted partner. We are here for you.

We are a certified partner with years of experience.

Streamline your business

If you feel stuck with inefficient processes.

If the service you offer your customers could be frictionless, and you are losing business because of it.

We are here to help you streamline your business.

Disjointed systems, data inconsistency and duplication?

Employees waste time on manual and duplicate data entry.
Employees waste time switching between systems while looking for important information.

We can help you with seamless integration options, and we can help bring the right data to the right people at the right time!

Looking to change a SaaS vendor?

If you have too many SaaS systems and you need to consolidate them.

Or a vendor has increased drastically their prices, and it is time to change.

We can help you with your data migration and transformation needs.

Need technical expertise? Are you evaluating new software?

If your technical team is too busy, and you need solid expertise to focus on a specific challenge right now.

Or you need someone technical to act in your best interests, to keep a vendor honest during their sales cycle.

Reach out to us for Solutions Architect and CTO as a service.
Some of the topics we will cover during your 30 minutes obligation FREE consultation include:
What is your biggest business process challenge?
Are there quick wins, with high tangible gains?
Can we simplify and automate processes?