Business automation

Get the systems to work for You: tranform Your business with automation

Have you ever wondered if there is a smarter way to run your business? A more optimal way? Have you ever stopped and thought: there must be a better way to do this, and kept on chugging along, repeating the same suboptimal process over and over? We are here to help you, with the solution: Automation.

Through cutting-edge no-code / low-code iPaaS platform tools such as and, we help you automate those daily low-value tasks that waste your time and that are best executed automatically by a specialised program. The final outcome? Reduced costs, quicker and improved services, increased employee satisfaction and engagement, and happier, more valuable customers that are loyal to your business for longer.

Automation: where do you start?

You know your business best, you live and breathe your business, and your Executive and Management teams do too.

Our initial advice is always a simple one to start with, what we call the “Ask me, if you can” method!

Why don’t you survey your Executive team, asking which business process is today’s biggest productivity drain, that would have the biggest business impact if improved and automated?

And then ask the same question to Management.

Finally, we suggest bringing a group of champions of the team together and coming to a consensus on priorities and complexities of each of the items. As an added bonus, you could leverage our Business Automation ROI calculator to understand the direct monetary impact of improving each process, to understand the direct return on investment.

And now you should have achieved a few important points:

  1. You have a list of processes that need improvement
  2. Buy-in from the team to improve them
  3. Agreed priorities
  4. Agreed complexities
  5. ROI figures where applicable

Congratulations! You now have a business case for automation, to streamline your business!

Our goals for your business, with automation

Our goals are straightforward:

  • We want employees to focus more on what is important and less on operational tasks
  • We want to provide employees with systems that help them do their job, simplify their jobs, not hinder their productivity
  • We want to provide customers with better service as a result of the internal systems improvements and of the higher value employees’ input
  • We want to retain customers for longer, as an existing customer is much cheaper to maintain, than gaining a new customer
  • We want to reduce costs. This is a byproduct of getting employees to concentrate on higher value activities
  • We want to increase profit. This comes naturally as costs are reduced and as the customer lifetime value (CLV) increases with better service and longer retention

Do you have anything else to add? Would you like fries with that?

Achieving your desired outcome: incresed business efficiency

Together we can refine the list, work through one major challenge and a few minor ones that are high in priority. Then we can confirm the value realisation of the items addressed and repeat the process, keep focusing on high value and high impact solutions.

The end result? You save money, deliver better services faster and in less time, your management reporting happens near-real-time, your employees can help more customers, and you keep your customers happier for longer, increasing their total lifetime value, which increases profit.

Automation is a program, not a standalone activity

You may have already felt the pain of manual processes - missed opportunities, incorrect communications, customers left unhappy, and profits slipping through the cracks. Or maybe you have not yet spotted these issues. Either way, we are here to help you uncover and tackle them head-on.

It is essential to note that automation is an ongoing activity, an ever improving process, a program. It is not a set-and-forget activity, a project. Today organisations have 10s if not 100s different and specialised SaaS solutions, they are used as best of breed specialised solution. Specialised systems are used for their unique value propositions, leveraging what is called by Gartner a “composable enterprise”, a “composable business”. Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions help you glue and harmonise all your specialised SaaS softwares together, to achieve your business unique goal and give you a unique advantage in the market - or differently put, to not give you a unique disadvantage!

With automation and iPaaS therefore being the center of your business applications, it is obviously important to have a clear and long term strategy to evolve automations as fast as possible, together with the addition of new specialised SaaS applications, as they are created by different vendors for their specific purposes.

Collaborative path towards the future version of your efficient business

You might know exactly what the current automation challenges are in your business, and how much they are costing your company every day in terms of missed opportunities and unhappy or lost customers.

And if you do not, that’s ok, we are here to help you uncover those hidden challenges together with the rest of your team, and overcome them.

Let’s talk about your business and see how we can work through your challenges together, one by one. Our aim is to collaborate, partner with you, extend and augment your existing team to help you find solutions that make your operations smoother and more efficient.

Are you ready to embark on the journey of enhancing your business’s efficiency and growth?

Let’s have a conversation today, to start the journey of enhancing your business efficiency and growth.

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