Automate PII removal from data

Automate PII removal from data

Identify and remove PII from your data with and AWS Comprehend

We explore a crucial topic for businesses: identifying and removing Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from data. This topic and approach is especially useful today when working with Generative AI API: ChatGPT and we might not want to send to OpenAI our sensitive data.

Learn about the reasons businesses need to tackle this issue, including compliance with regulations like GDPR and ensuring data security. Discover a powerful solution leveraging our partner, an iPaaS and automation platform, and Amazon AWS Comprehend service API.

PII removal with and AWS Comprehend API by Naonis

Misplaced sensitive data?

  • Have you ever seen data stored in the wrong place within your Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), or any other internal system?
  • Has someone within your business seen unauthorised sensitive information due to human error?
  • Does your business fully trust third party APIs with your customer’s PII data? Some recent examples include the ubiquitous Generative AI API: ChatGPT where PII might be leveraged to train further the AI models + Amazon Comprehend API = removed PII!

Now you have a solution: an automated and elegant mechanism to detect and redact PII data. An automated second set of eyes.

We demonstrate a step-by-step process, guiding you through identifying, removing, and safely storing PII data. This essential solution can help you with compliance, data security, and trust.

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Key points covered

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