Data migration and data transformation

Seamless data migration and transformation solutions

Are you thinking or in the process of transitioning between SaaS software vendors? Are you considering consolidating multiple systems into a single one to reduce costs? Discover our services to help you migrate and transform data between systems. We will help you navigate diverse data structures, distinct mechanisms, behaviours and unique requirements, we are here to help you simplify this complex process.

Which approach are you considering for your data migration?

Assuming that you already made the decision, told your board of directors, and are about to let the vendor know that you will not be renewing their ongoing contract, you would want to make sure you have planned for most scenarios.

Which approach you are thinking about?

Thoughtful considerations before approaching a data migration

Some examples of thoughtful questions about the approach could include:

  • Are you considering a “big-bang” approach with a large downtime window, or an incremental approach with a data trickle approach?
  • Are you thinking of a side by side usage for a while, as a read-only backup?
  • Do you have any idea how long will take to migrate the whole data set?
  • Do you know all the interdependencies between entities?
  • Did you get a mandate of how much operational downtime the business can sustain?
  • What is the plan for the downstream systems that will be affected by the migration?
  • Do you have a fully working interrelated subset of data to test the migration with?
  • Do you have technical champions and business champions that will help with end-to-end testing?
  • Who will have the final say on the go/no-go decision?
  • What is the backup plan?
  • Does the new solution meet all the business requirements out of the box?
  • When will the training of the new solution happen, to ensure user adoption?

And these are just some of the questions that come to mind…

Careful migration planning is the first step towards a successful outcome

Many considerations are pivotal for the success of the project, shaping the project decisions and trade-offs that we can address collaboratively. Our goal is to plan the optimal path as your business requirements evolve and your needs become clearer.

We would love to hear from you, to guide your thought process, and even to help you find potential pitfalls with the thinking process early on, to make sure the approach is sound to start with. We are here to help you increase your chances of success!

Software as a Service transition

You have decided to embark on a Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor change, or you are committed to streamlining operations and reducing ongoing cost by consolidating multiple systems after a business acquisition.

This strategic shift promises new opportunities and at the same time it presents its own set of challenges that need to be tackled one by one in a meticulous and precise manner.

SaaS software is complex. There are intricacies between different systems, with diverse data architectures, data flows, and specific business and data rules. A migration of such magnitude can be a daunting task. Usage limits within existing contracts or technical constraints might add further complexities.

This journey, similar to data integrations, demands more than meets the eye - data migrations are intricate, time consuming and resource intensive projects. Planning, testing and confirming that everything works as expected, before the original system is turned off for good, is paramount. At that point, there is no turning back.

As we have done “a few” of these data migrations, and we are sure we can help guide you.

Tools and iPaaS platforms to help with the migration

We help you navigate your transition effectively, leveraging no-code / low-code tools and iPaaS platforms such as and or ETL tools, or other tools you might already leverage within your business, Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud offerings, or even tailored solutions that match your precise needs and complexities.

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Reach out now to initiate an initial discussion on how our team can help you address your data needs, we are here to guide you throughout the process!

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Faster integrations turnaround?

We offer expert development, implementation and consulting services.

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Streamline your business

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Disjointed systems, data inconsistency and duplication?

Employees waste time on manual and duplicate data entry.
Employees waste time switching between systems while looking for important information.

We can help you with seamless integration options, and we can help bring the right data to the right people at the right time!

Looking to change a SaaS vendor?

If you have too many SaaS systems and you need to consolidate them.

Or a vendor increased drastically their prices, and it is time to change.

We can help you with your data migration and transformation needs.

Need technical expertise? Are you evaluating new software?

If your technical team is too busy, and you need solid expertise to focus on a specific challenge right now.

Or you need someone technical to act in your best interests, to keep a vendor honest during their sales cycle.

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